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Helping Control the Risk of Legionnaires Disease

Westcountrys #1 Water Compliance Company

About French Legionella Services

Our mission at French Legionella Services is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients; to create and maintain clean, safe and secure environments. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Legionella services.

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About Legionnaires Disease

  • Legionella are negative bacteria that have over 40 individual species. Most human infections are caused by Legionella pneumophila.

  • There are two types of health impacts on humans-Pontiac fever which is flu-like and the more dangerous Legionnaires disease which can be fatal.

  • The bacteria can be found in both potable and nonpotable watersystems. Our technical water systems provide ideal growth conditions for these bacteria.

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Professional Services

What We Provide


Legionella Risk Assessment

A Legionella Risk Assessment is the starting point and a good way of identifying the management and maintenance procedures that are required for your property. At FLS, we pride ourselves on the quality of our reports and surveys.
We feel our risk assessment documentation is of high quality, very informative, easy to understand and presented well. We offer independent legionella risk assessments in all building types and sizes. Our reports are designed to give clear and concise information including; executive summary, detailed findings, schematic drawings, photographs, monitoring programme and helpful recommendations.


Water System Disinfection

Regular inspections of cold water storage tanks is an effective way of managing potential contamination of water systems from stored water sources. This is particularly important if the cold water tank is supplying drinking water outlets.
Drinking water storage tanks should be kept clean at all times as mentioned in BSEN 806-5. Cold water storage tanks that don’t supply water for drinking can still pose a risk to the other systems they supply if they are not managed and inspected adequately and installed and maintained to be fit for purpose.  We offer cleaning and disinfection of your cold water storage tanks.

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"French Legionella Services were contacted to ensure that all of our residential buildings were annually tested and up to date with compliance.  The FLS team worked professionally and to suit the needs of the service worked flexibly and efficiently.  We were surprised but so grateful that this company picked up on issues that were not resolved by a company previously used meaning that we would not have been compliant should we have been inspected. 


We also used French Legionella Services to provide training to required staff who would be responsible for monitoring checks. We were so grateful for the time and effort that the company provided to us to ensure that we understood our requirements.  We look forward to a continuing working future with this provider.


I would not hesitate to recommend French Legionella Services to other businesses or for personal household requirements."

Kelly Hall
Head of Boarding
EF Academy Torbay

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Special Offers

Tailor made quotes to suit your requirements and premises. Contact us for more details.

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Home: Service

Adam French

Adam is our Managing Director.  Successfully in the industry for many years in charge of a number other water compliance companies, Adam is delighted to own and head FLS as one of the UK's leading

'Legionella Control Companies'

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